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Feel like no one is watching your Reels? Take my 5-day Reels Challenge and learn how to create Reels that will help you build an ENGAGED community.

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Spending time creating content, but still not growing on IG?

You've heard Reels are the best way to grow on Instagram, but creating them has you for a ride on the struggle bus. You spend all the time filming, editing, looking for music just to post and *crickets*. What gives? Why is no one engaging? You need a formula for creating engaging Reels. That's what I'm giving you:

Learn how to find hashtags for Reels and how to structure Reels for success

Get a list of reel ideas and engaging calls-to-actions

See example reels and get audio suggestions for your next video

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engaging ig reels helped me gain 100k followers

You'd think creating IG Reels would be simple, but it's not, huh?

It's one thing to film and post a video, it's another to post a video with a purpose and goal. That's what I'm teaching you. IG Reels helped me grow an engaged community of 100k+ followers, and I want you to have that kind of growth too!

Meet your influencer bestie

Hi, I'm Dani, and I'm Obsessed with Helping Creators Monetize

People know me as Dani The Explorer—a travel blogger and content creator. With 7 years of experience as a full-time influencer, I've landed paid deals with companies like American Express, Mazda, and Adobe. But what's important is that I've helped creators just like you do the same. Together, we're gonna build your empire!

Founder of Dani The Explorer
Also me: @danithecoach_

“My first Reel outperformed my others!”

My very first Reel following Dani's recommendations and it outperformed all of my previous ones 10 fold. If you have been procrastinating taking this course do it now!

Sarah, travel creator

“My first TikTok went viral getting over 7 million views!”

I did the 5 day Reel challenge and found it so helpful. I used the tips on how to go viral and my first week of using TikTok went viral with the video below getting over 7 million views. 

nicole, travel creator

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