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When You Buy a New (or new to you) Race Car, You’re Itching to Get the Car Out on the Track, Right?

What’s the matter with taking the car out and seeing what it can do?

Issue is, you presumably won’t get the hang of anything. On the off chance that it’s quick or moderate, you won’t know why. You won’t know how to address any of the taking care of issues you involvement with the car.

Most circumstances, testing the car straight off is certain to disillusion.

Much better to get your work done first. Much the same as James has done, and conveyed such stunning outcomes.

In the 60’s and 70s, we had no clue. We’d give the car a wheel arrangement and that is it. We’d drive the car as it was given to us by the manufacturing plant or past proprietor.

Today it is, altogether different. We can build the progressions to the car, and have the execution unfurl before our eyes. I can’t reveal to you how distinct the distinction is, in my experience.

One thing hasn’t changed in any case:

Never expect the past proprietor, (or the manufacturing plant, if it’s another car) to have set the car up for you. It can take a couple of days work to do it legitimately. There’s nothing in it for them to do it.

You have to do the set-up yourself. (Or then again your group/race car readiness workshop needs to do it).

What’s First Priority?

I’d state, the nuts and bolts. Best of the rundown? Take into consideration sensible suspension travel and legitimate knock quit situating.

Suspension geometry insightful, your static settings yes, yet especially your “Knock Steer”.

On the off chance that knock steer could not be right (and that is any race car with flexible suspension), I would make that a shouting need – see this site in the menu at the highest point of the page/Course Offers/”Knock Steer Made Easy.”

The Biggie is BALANCE

That is adjusting for under steer/over steer.

More power and better hold are incredible; however power and grasp are nothing without great adjusts. (99% of the time, you’ll do it through flexible hostile to move bars for free suspension cars, and against move bars in addition to move focus stature for live back hub cars.)

When you get to doing these changes in accordance with the adjust of your car, you’ll be in for a treat. Some long-term racers discover it a disclosure while doing it out of the blue.


To pick your springs and hostile to move bars, we suggest you do the numbers in our Racing Car Technology Weight Transfer Worksheet™. Every one of the subtle elements are in our course “Show signs of improvement Balance”.


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